Digitalization in the Real Estate Industry.

With fast technology development follows digitalization of the real estate industry.  Digital transformation has already changed most of society society. Technology is an important part of the transformation, and what really makes the change is to gather information in an infrastructure that is available to all different solutions.


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Winning investments.

In an ever faster digital development, information and knowledge tools become even more important for today’s decision makers and will represent the crucial benefits. Mestro gives you complete foundation for making informed decisions. Here are four distinct benefits, each of which proved to be profitable investments.


Automation with hourly data will lower your costs.

For a low cost, hourly data can be automatically loaded into our energy monitoring system, where you can see the consumption of the property already the following day, hour by hour.

Today's technology offers automatic access.

Today’s technology offers automatic access at a lower cost. Calculations show a saving of around 40-50% work hours, traditionally placed on the monitoring round. Already from the first year of using Mestro leads to a direct saving of between 5-10% of the energy cost.


Smart SaaS-based platform

We help you to create a structure for ongoing upgrading and change.

Relevant key figures help to prioritize actions among properties

To develop calculation modules on an automatically collected database is the key to making visible changes and priorities. In larger stocks, these key figures help to visualize a prioritized part of a portfolio and to aggregate profile data for each object.


An engaged organisation saves costs.

Mestros platform provides key figures and reports real costs for each property.

Gamification for team engagement

Calculation of real environmental values based on data from suppliers – as often demanded by environmentally conscious tenants. Mestro incorporates gamification into the process of promoting commitment and awareness.


Profiling increases your Customer Satisfaction Index.

Profiled screens and reports increase your Customer Satisfaction index

Customer Satisfaction Index up 20 points

A screen is installed at the office and a report is sent every three months where all data is where all data is compiled in a position, cost and forecast report. Our customer Humlegården reported a Customer Satisfaction Index increase with 20 points.

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Do you also want to take control over your energy usage and lower your costs? Contact us and we will lead the way.